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EQUII’s irresistibly delicious complete protein products are the perfect match between healthy and hearty.

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Complete Protein

The nine essential amino acids you body needs and can only get exclusively through food


30% fewer carbs than the leading whole wheat brands


50% less sugar than the leading whole wheat brands


Our products are crafted with ingredients that have not undergone genetic modification, ensuring their natural integrity and authenticity.

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Expertly crafted by acclaimed French Master Pastry Chef, Sebastien Canonne, M.O.F.

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No animal-derived ingredients, aligning with a more sustainable and environmentally conscious dietary choice.

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No Artificial Ingredients

We believe in transparency and that every ingredient should be easily pronounceable, reflecting our commitment to your health and satisfaction. We take pride in knowing our products are made with exclusively natural ingredients, free from additives, colors, or any unfamiliar substances.

The People are Speaking, and They Love Our Bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is EQUII higher in complete protein?

EQUII uses a fermentation-based natural process to ferment grain starch or sugars to create complete protein flour. This flour is then used to make EQUII complete protein bread with 10 g of complete protein per slice.

What are the nutritional values and ingredients of Equii Protein Bread?

Please see our nutritional panels here:

What are the benefits of complete protein?

Not all proteins are created equal.  Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that must be provided through our diets to maintain healthy body weight, support muscle building, and enable physiological functions.

Is EQUII Protein Bread non-GMO?


Is EQUII Protein Bread allergen-free?

EQUII contains wheat.

What are the benefits of EQUII complete protein bread VS traditional breads?

EQUII complete bread provides 2x protein, 30% fewer carbs, and 50% less total sugar vs other leading bread brands.

Is EQUII bread vegan/animal-free?

Yes, EQUII bread is created using plant-based and fermented ingredients.

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In the world of nutrition, the term "protein" often takes center stage.

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Welcome to EQUII™

where we make irresistibly delicious complete protein products that are the perfect match between healthy and hearty.

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